As an extension of the Amicorp Community Foundation (ACF), Amisewaka – DLCC is committed to having a positive social impact within the wider community. This time, we partnered with the John Fawcett Foundation to conduct an eyecare initiative in the Tejakula District and its surroundings. These included check-ups, distribution of eyeglasses, and free cataract surgeries
Les Village witnessed a special 4-day celebration to mark Amisewaka-DLCC’s first anniversary. We decided that the joyous milestone would be about service and social activities to benefit the community. The event commenced on July 18, with an Area Cleaning at eight temples located in Desa Les. In the spirit of togetherness, all students and staff
On July 3, 2023, all our collective efforts over the past few years finally bore fruit when we held our first-ever graduation ceremony at Amisewaka-DLCC. The milestone occasion celebrated and honored the 95 students who had completed training on campus and through internships. Among this first wave of students to graduate, 70% have been employed
Many organizations are powered by coffee, and Amisewaka-DLCC’s Café Rambutan is no different. Ever since opening our doors, we have been in desperate need for a functional espresso machine so we can serve up great coffee. The good news is that we’ve now resolved that and more. Two of our staff members, Ketut Sriawan and
Our second-ever batch of student intake at Amisewaka-DLCC began their orientation on June 19, 2023. The exciting 5-day initiation featured sessions on grooming, discipline, mental awareness, spirituality, environmental stewardship, and an introduction to the hospitality industry. As a center dedicated to providing hospitality and culinary skills to the underprivileged youth of eastern and northern Bali, we
At Amisewaka-DLCC we believe in taking a holistic approach to high-quality education for our students. To achieve this, we invited all staff and management at Amisewaka-DLCC to participate in psychology training on Friday, 5 May, 2023, with Dewa Gede Firstia Wirabrata, M.Psi, Psychology (Master of Psychology), a psychologist cum lecturer at UNDIKSHA (one of the
Amisewaka-DLCC is pleased to introduce AMI-CUP, a sports event that aims to foster a closer relationship between Amisewaka-DLCC and the wider Desa Les community through the universal language of sports and competition. The inaugural AMI-CUP competition was a table tennis tournament, held on 11 May 2023, at the Amisewaka-DLCC hall. The event was eagerly anticipated
We were delighted to be able to announce the names of the first batch of new students that will be joining the Amisewaka-DLCC program for’ 2023-2024. The qualifying students received their invitation letters at an enrollment event held at the center on May 8, 2023, when they also got measured for their new uniforms. The