Leveraging on the Bali government's focus to develop creative industries and preserve cultural heritage, the center incorporates classes in cultural heritage such as traditional Balinese dance and gamelan music. Students are required to take both of these modules as part of their overall training. This not only provides them with a sense of cultural self-worth, but also gives them another skill with which to earn an income.

Balinese dance, performed at religious rituals and as entertainment, is one of the modules offered to instill a strong sense of Balinese identity and pride in the traditional culture, and is taught by young, local Balinese dancers.  This skill set will also serve as entertainment for visitors at the restaurant and a source of income both for the dancers (students) and the center.

Students will be given the opportunity to learn:

  • Teamwork through learning gamelan music
  • The Segara Madu (Ocean of Honey) gamelan instruments are carved with the history of Desa Les and Amisewaka activities. Hindu philosophies are also inherent in the carvings and this gamelan (called “one of a kind and historically significant” by Prof. Wayan Dibia) will serve as a teaching tool about the village and Amisewaka as well as about music
  • Their cultural heritage through the performing arts