When applying at Amisewaka – DLCC, students must be between ages 17 and 23 years. At application, students submit an on-line form outlining their ambitions, previous education, desires and acquired skills, and their motivation, and whether a job or (joint) business path is their preferred option. We need to factor in the students' skills at entry and what skill set is expected to be reached upon graduation.

Once they pass this initial phase, a home visit is conducted by Amisewaka-DLCC instructors and staff to ascertain their poverty level, and students and their parents are interviewed separately. They are accepted on the basis of their application and interview.

Each student must pay a monthly fee of between $10 – $35 US per month, depending on their family’s ability to pay.  We feel that it is important for them to pay something every month, so they feel like they have ownership of the program.  This doesn’t even cover their food costs; this is a heavily subsidized program.

Amisewaka provides three full sets of uniforms and shoes, books and stationery, and during their internship, a substantial stipend to help their families with their daily living costs.

Students sign a statement declaring that they:

  • Intend to share their acquired knowledge/skills with their family and community
  • Are committed to completing the training
  • Will attend basic training in hygiene and grooming
  • In case of any violation of the center's Code of Conduct, they shall be suspended

Career opportunities:

Each student will have a personalized student plan with stepping stones working toward a chosen goal and evaluated and mentored along the way. Together value chains will be created, so no talent or education is wasted.