Amisewaka – Desa Les Community Center (DLCC) a vocational facility built in Les, Tejakula, North Bali.  This community center intends to provide education for disadvantaged youth and to assist in job procurement. The education is planned to cover a variety of vocational and sustainable subjects (food service, gardening, Living Values Education, IT, entrepreneurship and more)

Amisewaka – DLCC is the dream project of the Amicorp Community Foundation (ACF). The ACF was established in 2001 as a channel to focus social empowerment efforts, to increase environmental consciousness and preserve biodiversity.

In the beginning, there will only be one Finance Manager; once the Center is up and running, there may be other staff brought onto the team.  In the beginning, your duties will be to set up the PT, assist in procuring permits, set up bank accounts (if needed) and coordinate purchasing.


  • Responsible for the integrity of the accounting system. Experience closing monthly accounting books is essential. You will prepare financial reports, budgets, cost reports, and financial forecasts. Maintain chart of accounts, track and review expenditure against set budgets, analyze business performance/results, providing feedback to senior management
  • Maintaining and ensuring that all relevant legal and tax procedures/permits are complied with
  • Administering transfers and payments to third parties
  • Coordinating and preparing annual budgets, including operating and capital expenditure budgets with accuracy and timeliness
  • You will be responsible for all purchases and payments
  • Coordinate with kitchen and restaurant managers to ensure supplies are always available
  • Prepare budget and funding allocations for vocational programs
  • Will liaison with accounting department of Amicorp Community Foundation


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Indonesian.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Familiar with Indonesian tax law is a must
  • Familiar with MYOB, Quick Time or any other accounting systems.
  • A team player, organized, and able to work with expatriates.
  • Willingness and flexible to learn new skills and assume responsibilities.
  • Can work independently, find solutions, prioritize and exercise discretion.
  • Ability to work quickly and deliver projects within tight deadlines.
  • Ability to work in a multicultural and interdisciplinary working environment.
  • Positive attitude, hard-working, reliable, motivated and passionate about social impact.


  • An Indonesian National
  • At least a S-1 degree in accounting and 4-5 years of professional experience in finance/accounting, including experience as the head of these areas.
  • Commitment to Amisewaka’s values in reaching economically challenged sectors of society.
  • Willingness to take the Living Values Education training.
  • Willing to live in East Buleleng.
  • This is a full time position
  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Transport allowance (for motorbike and for work related trips only)
  • Telecommunication allowance
  • Health insurance
  • The Amisewaka campus is a healthy, green zone. Smoking and alcohol is not allowed


  • Teaching Social Entrepreneurship to Amisewaka students. Basic bookkeeping, project management with an eye on social projects, how to organize a small business project
  • Classes will be held once a week for 1 hour in the beginning. There are sixty students and you will have a maximum of 20 students per class
  • Creating a one-year curriculum with an emphasis on the student learning skills that will help them create their own social project from a business perspective
  • Willingness to integrate Living Values Education into your teaching
  • Work in close collaboration with our partners at Fontys Business College in the Netherlands who will be mentoring our students both on line as well as face-to-face in the second semester


  • An Indonesian nationality
  • At least S-1 degree in Economics or Business
  • At least three (3) years in similar position
  • Excellent written and oral skills in English and Indonesian
  • Willingess to take the Living Values Education training
  • A passion for your work and compassion for those less fortunate. You will be honest, trustworthy, detail oriented, a team player but able to think independently and quickly
  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • This is a part time position
  • Our office hours are from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m, Monday-Friday
  • Timeframe:  July 2022 ongoing; on a Consultancy basis beginning in March 2022
  • The Amisewaka campus is a healthy, green zone. Smoking and alcohol is not allowed

AMISEWAKA is a vocational training center based in Desa Les, Tejakula, North Bali.   This facility will provide education to primarily low income students in a variety of vocational and sustainable subjects (culinary skills, permaculture agriculture, Living Values Education Nilai2 Edukatif)) and Cultural Preservation) as well as assist in job procurement.

There will be a training kitchen and restaurant on the grounds.

We are looking for teachers in Culinary Arts (2 persons)


  • To teach basic kitchen skills that would be used in 5 star establishments
  • To teach healthy Indonesian cuisine utilizing more of a plant based diet(soybean products, vegetables and fruits, rice and noodles). We will have 15 are of vegetables and herbs at Amisewaka.  Students are required to learn how to grow organic vegetables and then use them in the kitchen.  Buleleng cuisine will be emphasized as will local dishes and vegetables
  • To teach healthy fusion (Indonesian-Western) cuisine
  • To prepare students to be able to work in a five-star kitchen after one year
  • Students will take 2 hours of theory (2 x a week ) and 3 hours or practicum (3 x a week). Classes will consist of 10-15 students, total of 60 students
  • Willingness to integrate Living Values Education into your teaching


  • At least 5 years experience as a Teaching Chef with references
  • Can speak and write English
  • Indonesian national
  • Willing to become trained in Living Values Education.
  • You will report to the Head Chef
  • Full time work begins July 2022; part time consultancy position begins April 2022
  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Transport allowance (for motorbike and for work related trips only)
  • Telecommunication allowance
  • Health insurance (BPSJ)
Send your CV (maximum 2 pages) and cover letter to:

ACF is not quite like other foundations

  • We do not charge any administration fees for any of our projects.
  • Our first priority is to make an impact where it counts the most.
  • Therefore 100% of all contributions to our DLCC project will go towards the center.