There are many compelling reasons why you should consider sponsoring a student. The young people of Desa Les are part of a forgotten generation, caught up in a vicious circle of poverty with limited chances or hope of creating a better life for themselves.

A USD 1,000 or 2,000 donation towards sponsoring a student is all it takes to genuinely help to transform the lives of these young people. Every single dollar donated will go directly to where it is needed most. Your donation is not spent on overheads, expenses, and marketing. That is a satisfying and convincing scenario that provides the assurances that all donations are making a difference.

You can create a tangible change and generate a positive shift in the lives of so many. Imagine the satisfaction of transforming a life! YOU have the power to do that!

For more information how you can sponsor a student:


There are many ways you can get involved; you could donate money to sponsor activities that benefit the students learning. Sponsor activities related to the permaculture garden, the gamelan, the chef’s course, or donate computers. Students at the center will receive a comprehensive vocational education focused on culinary arts and hospitality services training, English Language teaching, entrepreneurial and life-skills courses. With these skills, they will then be able to secure good jobs. YOU get to make a difference.

Life in northeastern Bali is extremely tough. Many families live on or below the poverty line, struggling to feed their children and enduring hard labor for the smallest of wages. We want to help these young people escape this vicious circle of poverty by providing them with the skills and confidence to build themselves a better life and fresh hope for the future.