The Amisewaka Desa Les Community Center in the village of Desa Les is dedicated to delivering vocational and life skills training to young people in Bali and surroundings. Our aim is to empower young people who have limited opportunities finding reasonable jobs, and to provide them with an education and skill set to boost confidence helping them gain access to employment in leading hotels and restaurants across Indonesia and elsewhere.

The village of Desa Les, is a three-hour drive from Denpasar and home to about 8,000 people. Bali is one of 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago and the most well-known. Bali is an agricultural island where at least 60% of the workers are employed in the tourism industry. Most of Bali's affluence is concentrated in its southern parts, where the economy is more tourism-driven. Not many are aware that Bali has a lot of poverty.


Have you ever wondered how you could add value to someone else’s life? How to ensure that your resources are truly benefiting real people and that these are used effectively? Finding projects that allow you to pick that one thing or one person can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

That’s where we come in. Sponsoring a student at Amisewaka means we guarantee that 100% of all donations are channeled directly where these belong. Our main sponsor, Amicorp Community Foundation ensures that no aspect of your donation is used to cover administration costs or the like. Sponsor a student and follow their progress knowing that your participation will be responsible for impacting their life. You will be touching their lives in a very special way as well as boosting your own sense of happiness.