In December  2022 we opened our weekly organic market, AMI-MART to sell excess vegetables from our gardens.  We also include confectionaries, both classic and innovative, prepared by our very own kitchen. Chocolate eclairs and choux and gluten free pumpkin pies and our signature rambutan nut (the seed of the rambutan fruit which grows profusely at Amisewaka-DLCC) cookie—the nut is roasted and then made into a flour; this is the only place on the planet where this is available!

The local small businesses such as stingless bee honey and the local Village Cooperative also join us to sell their wares at the market.  Our restaurant also serves up unique moringa-based cuisine and our signature drink:  the Rambutan Refresher made only with fresh rambutan fruits (sugar-free) and a hint of ginger.

The market is open every Thursday from 3 – 5 p.m. Please come visit us!