Amisewaka – Desa Les Community Center (DLCC) is the dream project of Amicorp Community Foundation (ACF). The ACF was established in 2001 as a channel to focus social empowerment efforts, to increase environmental consciousness, and preserve biodiversity. Amisewaka - DLCC is a non-profit center aiming to deliver high-quality vocational and life skills training for young people and future generations from low and no-income families.

The ACF,  a major stakeholder in Amisewaka – DLCC, was established in 2001 as a channel to focus social empowerment efforts, increase environmental consciousness, and preserve biodiversity. The Amicorp Community Foundation (ACF) has been active in Desa Les for many years now helping to improve social conditions across the community and has a strong and successful presence in the village of Les. For more information www.amicorpcommunityfoundation.com.

We wanted to drive social impact in a more structured manner and use our resources sustainably to create win-win solutions, to empower disadvantaged communities by providing them with the means to a livelihood. We also wanted to cultivate in our stakeholders and our employees the mindfulness to operate in environmentally responsible ways to preserve natural resources for future generations. Moreover, we wanted to inspire our clients, partners, and anyone else to attain these goals of economic empowerment and environmental consciousness.

Our mission

Our mission is to create opportunities for young people in northern/eastern Bali by providing culinary skills, hospitality management training, cultural heritage preservation, and creating awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability.

Our vision

Our vision rests in establishing an exemplary platform to provide opportunities for young people of Bali to develop skills that will enable them to raise themselves above the poverty line. They will subsequently build better livelihoods through increased awareness, self-esteem, social skills and be more environmentally conscious and self-sufficient.

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